INAPLAS  Gambar Pertama

 Board of INAplas
Supervisory Board Director General Chemical Ministry of Industry
Advisors Board
  • Erwin Ciputra
  • Didie W.Soewondho
  • Amir Sambodo
Committee Board
Chairman : Didi Susilo
Vice Chairman : Suhatmiyarso
Secretary General : Fajar AD Budiyono
Treasury : Syahrir Nawier

Organizational Structures
 Vision and Mission
Being one of Asia's most efficient and trusted Olefin, Aromatic and Plastic Associations; credited with promoting Indonesia's Olefin, Aromatic and Plastics Industry.
  • Strengthening the cooperation of upstream, middle and downstream industries.
  • Supporting the creation of a business climate that enhances efficiency through competitiveness through innovation in quality, technology, cost, human resources and services.
  • Strengthen and develop the olefin and plastics industry for domestic and export marketing.

Main Functions

  • Enhance Industry Development towards Sustainable, Strong and competitive Olefin, Aromatic and Plastic Industry.
  • Government partner on policy Development
  • Bridging Communication among Member , Government and Stakeholders
  • Service & Support members interest
  • Enhance awareness on Safety ,Health and Environmental.


  • Regulatory review
  • Standards, Data Base Research Development
  • Capacity building & Innovation Capabilities
  • Conduct Seminars, Conference, Exhibition, Trainings, Focus Group Discussion, Business coaching, Foreign counterpart relations.
  • Provide Roadmap Industry

 Related Associates

  • Coordinating Ministry of Economy
  • Coordinating Ministry of Maritime
  • Ministry of Industry
  • Ministry of Trade
  • Ministry of Environment & Forestry
  • Ministry of Energy and Minerals
  • Ministry of Research & Technology & Higher Education
  • Central Bank of Indonesia
  • Committee of Competition Policies
  • Universities (UI, ITB, Untirta, Ubaya)
  • Academy (AKA, STMI, ATK)
  • UNDP (United Nation Development Program)
  • D8 (Development Islamic Country Forum)
  • BSN (National Standardization Body)